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Creating an Onboarding Sequence
Creating an Onboarding Sequence

Use TrueCoach to create a program to welcome new clients.

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As coaches, these are the three components of your business that should always be top of mind.

  1. The Sales Process 

  2. The Onboarding Process

  3. Retention and Relationship Building

These systems help us two-fold. 

First, they allow us to create a level of comfortability for new clients, whether they're seasoned athletes or working out for the first time. Second, you get to gather the information you need to develop programming and relationships.

Below we will outline how to transition these practices into an online space and create strong connections with a welcoming onboarding sequence.

So, how do we use TrueCoach to help us replicate these systems and efficiently drive our businesses?

The Sales Process

TrueCoach is here to help you streamline your processes after you've sold your new client. The sales process is highly subjective depending on your target market, but there are a few things we recommend here:

  1. Have a section on your website to collect prospect name/email, and any other information you need to determine if they're a good fit.                                       *PRO TIP: conversion decreases with every required field you add to a signup form, keep it short and sweet!

  2. Set up an automatic response when they've completed the form letting them know when to expect a response.

  3. Describe your services and use of TC with your client over the phone. Once they've agreed/been sold, follow up with an email to set expectations before you invite them to TrueCoach.

Here are a few things we suggest adding to that email: 

Now, add your client to your account and they will receive a welcome email inviting them to join your training!

The Onboarding Sequence

Next, create your "Onboarding Sequence" program. 

I suggest building out this program in advance and having it ready to go.
Take a look at the example below.

Day 1

In the spirit of not scaring your clients off, start by introducing yourself, talking about your practice and setting expectations for your work together. Take a video of this! Even if it's a simple video taken from your phone, the added face-time helps build familiarity and trust.

In the program, add your first workout to Day 1 and name it something like, "Welcome to [my business name here]." Then, add an exercise like, "Here is what to expect" with the video attached.

Then, let them know what you'd like to hear back in the reps/sets/tempo field 👍 

Day 2

Now, we want to gather some information from clients in TrueCoach.

Let's use a traditional PAR-Q questionnaire format as an example. We don't need to add videos here, but it may be good to note in the 'reps' field what kind of response you're looking for.

And remember, your clients will be able to give you open ended responses from their results field in their client account. You will then receive a notification of the completed form, be able to view results from your Dashboard and the client’s calendar and will even be able to re-surface this information by using the sidebar search feature!

Day 3

Movement assessments can be incredibly useful as a programming tool.

But, they can also teach your client to use the app and gain some foundational knowledge before getting a HIIT workout thrown at them.

You can build the assessment out similar to how we have built this FMS test out. Simply add the tests as exercises to the Exercise Video Library and enter the tests as exercises in the workout builder:

As your clients complete the assessment/tests, they can upload a video demonstrating them performing the movement, which lets you accurately asses them and provide feedback.

Day 4

Show your client what a rest day looks like. We all know they won't be seeing those too often in the future 😉 

Day 5

Assign your client their first check-in. 

Think of some questions you can ask your clients over their time with you.. These questions should help you have the conversations that foster life-long relationships with your clients..

Make sure to copy and paste this check-in workout into a new program and expand to deliver weekly/monthly check-in's moving forward!

Retention and Relationship Building

Once you have the on-boarding sequence assigned, you can move on to building and assigning your first phase of workout programming.

The key here is that you now have almost all admin tasks (program building and assignment) completed for the next few weeks.

Now, what to do with all this free time you have?

This is going to allow you to invest your time retaining your clients. 

Here’s what we recommend starting with:

Get comfortable with the communication tools in TrueCoach:

  1. Commenting on Workouts (you can even leave video feedback 💪)

Know what you can create in TrueCoach:

Learn what to look for to stay up-to-date:

A well thought out onboarding sequence produces an effective and efficient flow for your clients to join your training. Ultimately, this turns your sales process into bought in members and life long relationships. If you look around your facility, is this how you cultivated relationships and a culture among your most dedicated people?

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care"
-Teddy Roosevelt

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