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Waivers, Questionnaires, Assessments and Check-in's
Waivers, Questionnaires, Assessments and Check-in's

Looking to assign activities for your clients other than workouts?

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So we all know how powerful the workout builder can be for assigning workouts for your clients on a day to day basis. But, what is the best way to deliver other tasks/activities like lifestyle check-in's, assessments and questionnaires?

The best way to do this is by utilizing that same workout builder! We have designed the workout builder to be so customizable that the tasks you put here are not limited to just workouts.

Check out some examples we made below! πŸ™ŒΒ 


For your legal documents such as waivers, we suggest filing those for all of your clients to access from the shared documents library.

From here, your client can download and print the file. After completing the waiver, they will be able send this document back over to you as the coach.

But where do I then store this?

Great question!

Once you have received the legal document from your client, you can store this in their notes section from the left side bar πŸ™ŒΒ 

Simply click on the icon for notes and create a new note labeled "waiver."Β 

You can then attach that completed document here:Β 

Image 1-26-2023 at 2.11 PM

That file will now be saved to your clients profile!

PAR-Q Readiness Questionnaire

By adding those readiness questions here:

Your clients will be able to give you an open ended response from their results field in their client account. You can then re-surface this information by using the sidebar search feature!


Have a movement screen to assign to your client? You can build it out similar to how we have built this FMS test out. Simply add the tests as exercises from the Exercise Video Library and enter the tests as exercises in the workout builder:

As your clients move through the assessment/tests, they can upload a video demonstrating them performing the action required. You as the coach can then assess these movements and grade them.

Want to track this over time?

Build out a metric set, assign it to the client and update it each time you assess/test your client!Β 


Interested in checking in with your client on a weekly basis? Build out your check-in with the workout builder. This will prompt the client to complete your check-in just like we prompt them to get those workouts in πŸ’ͺΒ 

Let us know if there any other activities or tasks you are assigning to your clients so we can help show you the best way to do it!

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