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Account Settings & FAQs
TrueCoach Client Tutorials

How to navigate your TrueCoach client account

Managing Clients

Everything from messaging to archiving clients

The Workout Calendar & Sidebar

All the basics you need to write workouts for your clients.


The exercise library, warmups, cooldowns, metric sets, and documents!


Write a program to assign to multiple clients or groups.

Transfers and Team Accounts
The TrueCoach App

Everything you need to know about the new and improved TrueCoach app


Everything you need to know about the payments feature.

Case Studies

Real examples of TrueCoach being used to power businesses.


Learn about our TrueCoach-MyFitnessPal Integration

Success with TrueCoach: Online & Off

Helpful tips and tricks for Messaging within TrueCoach


Everything you need to know about Wearables!

Zapier + TrueCoach
NASM Subscription

Learn more about NASM CEU Library through TrueCoach