Compliance Rates

What are they and how are they calculated?

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Each of your clients will have a 7, 30, and 90 day Compliance Rate. These percentages are calculated by number of exercises completed vs. number of exercises assigned in that time frame.

These could provide a quick overview into your client's training habits, or help you discover trends that are potentially slowing their progress.

If their typical 30 or 90 day rate is in the 80-90% range, seeing a low 7 day rate might let you know it's time to investigate or schedule a check-in about the past week. On the contrary, a solid 7 day rate alongside a lower 90 day rate might show you your client can hit it hard for some consecutive days, but falls off after extended periods.

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Not only will we show you this information for each individual client, we'll also show your overall compliance rate on your dashboard. If a client has a sudden drop in compliance (-20%) in any of the three rates, we'll flag these for you and put them under Needs Attention in that right panel.

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Your clients do not have access to their compliance rates, so you have the freedom to communicate this information with them as you see fit.

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