What are metrics and how do I use them?

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How can I be sure that my client is progressing in our training?

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It’s a question I would expect most coaches to ask themselves pretty frequently, which is why we created Metrics to help answer that for you! Having a detailed overview of your clients helps ensure that the time you spend programming is effective. 

What is a Metric?

Simply, a metric is anything you would like to track results for over time. The metrics and metric sets that you create are 100% customizable, so you have total freedom in the information you collect.

Some of our coaches favorite metrics may include:

  • Basic Health Data (resting heart rate, basal metabolic rate, body fat %)

  • Strength Numbers (back squat, bench press, deadlift)

  • Movement Screens (flexibility/mobility measurements)

  • Aerobic Capacity Tests (1 mile run, 5k row, VO2 max)

  • Benchmarks and other Performance Markers

Creating and Assigning Metric Sets from the Library

To create your first Metric Set, let’s head to the Library. When you create a set in the Library, you can assign this to multiple clients at once and save it for new clients you may get in the future. 

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Enter in as many metrics as you’d like to include in that set. You can easily re-order by dragging and dropping within the list.

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Need another measurement unit? Email us at [email protected]!

Now that you have your first metric set created, it’s time to assign it to a client! You can either click 'Assign set' at the top right of the set, or 'Add clients' where you see the current assignments towards the bottom.

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Creating and Assigning Metrics from the Workout Calendar

Much like creating and assigning a metric set in the Library, you can do the same for a specific client from the sidebar on their workout calendar. This set will not save to the library, so it is a great tool for a client who may have some more specific needs.

Head over to a client’s workout calendar and click on the Metrics icon on their sidebar.

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After clicking +New you’ll be able to add a single metric, create a group, or assign an existing metric set. 

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Much like the Metric Sets in the library, you can drag and drop metrics within their groups or into another.

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Charting Progress

Now that you’ve got a metric assigned to a client, you can start collecting data! There are a few ways to do that.

  1. The Client Profile - when your client visits their profile page, they can see and update any metrics assigned to them.

   2. Client Sidebar - quickly update a metric for a client from the sidebar on their               workout calendar.

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3. Linking to a workout - these will automatically update when the client enters a result for an exercise that’s linked to a metric.

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Deleting Metrics

In the sidebar, you can delete individual metrics as well as any groups you've created.

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