Bulk Importing Clients

TrueCoach can help bulk import your clients with a CSV file

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It's true! We'd be happy to import a CSV file of your clients to help you get started.

Before we can run a mass client import for you, a few things need to be set up in your account. Each item has a Help Center Tutorial for detailed instructions.

  • Add all coaches from the Team tab in TrueCoach (tutorial)

  • Create the programs you’d like assigned to your clients during the import (tutorial)

  • [Optional] Create any groups you’d like your clients to be assigned to during the import (tutorial)

  • [Optional] Create metric sets you’d like assigned to your clients during the import (tutorial)

Listed below are the column headers, and all columns with an asterisk (*) must have a value.
The optional ones are up to you. If you don't want them filled out, leave those fields blank.

The column headers and cell contents much exactly match:

A. Client Email*

B. Client First Name*

C. Client Last Name*

D. Client Type (remote, dual, in-person)*

E. Coach Email*

F. Group Names (optional)

G. Metric Set Names (optional)

H. Program Name*

I. Program Start Date* (m/d/yy)

Some notes:

  • Please copy/paste the Program Name from your TrueCoach account to make sure the title matches exactly.

  • If a client has an existing TrueCoach client account under the email you listed, they will not be imported. We'll send back any failures for you to import manually.

  • Each client must be assigned a program in order to complete this upload. If you don't want them assigned to a program right away, simply create a new program with a rest day on Day 1, and your client will only see a rest day on their upcoming workout list.

  • All input fields MUST match what you have in your TrueCoach account (especially coach email). Any typo will cause the upload to fail.

  • Once we run the import, dual or remote clients will get an email invitation to set up their profiles and start their training.

Feel free to send the file over to [email protected] and we'll get to work!

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