Do you work with other coaches and want to keep all of your clients under one roof?
Well lucky for you, you can add as many coaches to your TrueCoach account for no additional cost! 

So let's talk about team accounts....

How it Works

When you add another coach to your account, you will have officially created a Team Account. This means that all programs and library items (metric sets, documents, demo videos, etc) will be available for any coach on the team to view and use for their clients.

To add a new coach, click Team at the top left, then click Add Coach and enter their information. Once Ronnie's been added, he will receive an email invitation to create a password and start training his clients.

💡 What if they already have a TrueCoach account?
We've got you covered! The customer success team can transfer that coach onto your account with all of their active clients. We'll just need that coach's email address and their written approval in a message to [email protected]. Once we make the transfer, their login credentials will remain the same, but they will now see the contents of the team account in the library, programs page, and team page.


The owner of the account will be responsible for the monthly or annual TrueCoach subscription. The subscription will be based off of the cumulative client count between all coaches. So, if you have 5 coaches total (including owner), all with 20 clients, you will need a subscription that allows for 100 clients. 

**Note: if you request an existing coach be transferred onto your team, their subscription will be cancelled upon transfer: they will not be billed again.

Admin Privileges

As the organization owner, you have full oversight and management of the account. 

Only the owner can:

  • Manage billing and subscriptions

  • Manage custom theming settings

  • Add coaches to the team

  • Delete coaches from the team

  • Turn admin privileges on or off for coaches

  • Transfer clients outside the organization

Admin Privileges give you the layer of permission settings we built for each coach.

Regardless if admin privileges are on or off, your coaches will ONLY be able to send direct messages to clients assigned to them. 

✅ If admin privileges are ON: 

The coach will be able to view and manage all coaches' clients to: 

  • Assign or edit workouts on their calendar

  • View, edit, and assign Private Programs

  • View and edit any information for the client (full access to anything in their sidebar or details page)

  • Comment on any workouts (it will reflect the coach who left the comment)

  • Archive and delete other coach's clients

❌ If admin privileges are OFF:

The coach will only be able to view their own clients from the team dashboard

What happens when a coach leaves the organization?

Organization owners can delete coaches from the team account at any time.

Whether a team account or individual account, you do not transfer ownership of your content saved in the library simply by posting or uploading it. For a team account, the ownership of content in the library is between the organization and its coaches.

It is important to outline this with your coaches prior to addition or transfer to the team account because if/when they leave the organization, their clients will be automatically transferred to the organization owner. Any programs or library items will remain on the Team Account after they've been separated out of the organization.

If the departing coach opens a new TrueCoach account, the organization owner can transfer their clients to the new account. Read more on transferring client accounts here.

If there are programs or videos that are approved for transfer to the departing coach, please contact [email protected] for further steps. 

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