Client Grouping

How to set up and use client groups

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How it Works 💪 

You can group clients together for:

  • Assigning a program to groups of clients 

  • Sending broadcast messages to a specific set of clients

  • Segmenting your dashboard feed to see a group's results 

  • Assigning workouts from a client's workout calendar to another client or group

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Managing Groups

Creating Client Groups

You can create a new group from two places on your client list

  1. The Manage Groups button at the top right

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     2. The Add to Group button next to each client's name

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Adding Clients to a Group

  • To add a single client to a group, click Add Group next to their compliance rates, or the ➕icon if they already belong to a group. And yes...a client can belong to as many groups as you'd like!

  • To add multiple clients to a group at once you'll want to make sure you've created the group first. Then, check the boxes next to the client's names of those you'd like to add and click the Manage Groups icon in the footer of the page. You can also hit G if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

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Add or remove clients from here as needed. We'll show you any groups those clients already belong to with the color coded group tags 👍 

Editing Client Groups

If you'd like to delete or change the name of a client group, click Manage Groups, then Edit Existing Groups.

  • Edit the name by clicking on the group or delete it with the trashcan icon to the right.

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*Deleting a client group does not have any effect on the clients who belong to it*

Using Client Groups

Assigning a Program

Much like assigning a program to an individual client, any groups you've created will be available to select as well. Hold down the command or control key to select multiple groups. More on programs here.

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Messaging Client Groups

To message a group (or multiple groups) of clients, click New Message then locate the group from the dropdown. This will send the message to each individual client like a broadcast message.

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Filtering the Dashboard Feed

You can now view results and compliance rates for specific groups or client types on your dashboard! Use the drop down under today's date to select that group.

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Assigning a Workout to a Group

Rather than copy and pasting a single workout to your other clients, you can now assign it just like you would an entire program! You can do this from both a client's workout calendar, or from a program. Only one workout can be assigned at this time, so if you'd like to assign multiple workouts it's best to create a program.

Check the box on the workout you'd like to assign, then click Assign Workout in the footer. You'll be able to choose a group, client, or both to assign that workout to.

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