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Tracking your Clients' Daily Nutrition Logs
Tracking your Clients' Daily Nutrition Logs

How to track your clients' food intake beyond macro values

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If you're looking to provide extra accountability on the nutrition front, you may want to see exactly what your clients are eating. Some clients may want an assessment of where they're getting their calories from, in addition to their total macronutrient values. Below are a few ways to track your clients' nutrition logs to provide this feedback.

Note: You will need to assign macro goals to your clients for the Nutrition tab to appear on their end.

Option 1: Attach a screenshot to the TrueCoach Nutrition Log

Have your clients attach a screenshot of their nutrition diary to the Notes section of their TrueCoach Nutrition Log.

Client steps:

Clients can navigate to their Account > Nutrition > πŸ“· icon.

Coach steps:

To access these screenshots, navigate to your client's Nutrition History > πŸ“Ž icon.

Screen Recording 2023-01-26 at PM

Option 2: Friend your client on MyFitnessPal

You can stay up-to-date with your clients' logs by adding them as friends on MyFitnessPal.

Client steps:

Open Settings on MyFitnessPal > Sharing & Privacy > Public/Friends Only > save the changes.

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Coach steps:

Navigate to the Friends tab > Add Friends > search and add your clients.

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Option 3: Prompt clients to log their food intake as a "Workout"

Build a "workout" with each meal as its own exercise item on your clients' workout calendars. We recommend saving these "workouts" as a Program to easily assign them to a number of clients, all at once.

Coach view:

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Click here for more creative ideas when using our Programs feature.

Client view:

Any questions? Reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]!

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