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Sample Programs Ideas
Sample Programs Ideas

Check out these creative ways to use the Programs feature!

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Wondering how to utilize our Programs feature to its fullest potential? These sample programs show how you can creatively expand your use of the feature to identify and supplement your client's individual needs. Happy programming!

For overall program creation assistance, feel free to check out our Program Creation guide here!

Check-in Measurements

This is a great use of the program feature to check in on your client's measurements for various body parts! By assigning this program, you can prompt your clients to measure specific parts of their body to easily track their data.

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Daily/Weekly Review

A great way to promote check-ins with your clients on qualitative and quantitative items outside of metrics or weight lifted! You can use a weekly review on Friday to go over some big "wins" or "lessons learned" from training during the week.

Image 1-27-2023 at 2.04 PM

Nutrition Plans

A great way to guide your clients if you provide individual recipes or meal plans! This is super helpful when trying to track specific food intake!

Image 1-27-2023 at 1.56 PM

Overall Client-Specific Programming

Here is an example of combining daily movements as well as a basic nutrition portfolio. This prompts the client to follow basic movement practice and include pictures of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A great way to create synergy between nutrition and workouts for beginners!

Image 1-27-2023 at 1.51 PM
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