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MyFitnessPal Integration
MyFitnessPal Integration

Everything you need to know about the TrueCoach / MyFitnessPal relationship

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Guess what?! TrueCoach and MyFitnessPal are connected! 🤝

This means your clients don't have to worry about logging their nutrition info in two places anymore. Once they connect to MyFitnessPal, within a few minutes, their macros and calories will be pulled right into TrueCoach.

How it works:

  • Once you set nutrition goals for your clients within TrueCoach, they will see the Nutrition tab from their account

  • From a web browser, clients can connect their TrueCoach account with their MyFitnessPal account

  • Make sure your clients update their "Goals" in MyFitnessPal to match the nutrition goals you created in TrueCoach.

  • Within a few minutes, macros recorded in MyFitnessPal will magically show in TrueCoach ✨

As far as the Coach side of things, you keep doing your thing when it comes to planning macros for clients - nothing will look different there. Clients can still upload files to their nutrition entries and progress photos through TrueCoach as they did before, and you can find those in the client details page.

If your clients need any assistance in getting things set up, feel free to share these articles with them or send them our way via [email protected]

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