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[Client] MyFitnessPal Set Up
[Client] MyFitnessPal Set Up

How to connect your MyFitnessPal account to TrueCoach.

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You don't have to worry about logging your nutrition information in two places anymore. Thanks to our MyFitnessPal integration, once you connect MyFitnessPal to TrueCoach, every few minutes, your macros and calories will be pulled right into TrueCoach πŸ’ͺ

First, make sure you have a MyFitnessPal account. Keep those login details handy, as we'll need them soon!

From here, you'll need to login to your TrueCoach account via web browser.

Then, navigate to your account page to see your Nutrition tab. From there, click "Connect MyFitnessPal" at the top of your screen.

**Don't see it? Make sure your coach has assigned nutrition goals so this appears!**

Next up, enter in your MyFitnessPal login information in the pop-up window.

**Don't see it? You might have a pop-up blocker on. Head into your browser settings to adjust πŸ‘**

Once you've entered your login details, make sure you get confirmation that your account is connected.

You are all set to input your macros in MyFitnessPal!

***Don't forget to update your "Goals" in MyFitnessPal with the nutrition goals your coach created for you in TrueCoach. You can find the nutrition goals from your coach in the Nutrition Tab of your profile!

Now, go ahead and update those Nutrition goals in your MyFitnessPal account as well. If you need directions, check out this article!

To view your past results, click "review nutrition history" and select the date you would like to view:

Questions? Let us know over at [email protected]!

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