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Understanding Processing Fees
Understanding Processing Fees

All about Stripe processing fees

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, and Canada-based coaches.

TrueCoach Payments is a free feature that we are excited to offer. Even though we don't charge you for payments, there is a fee for processing transactions. 

You will pay the processing fee on a per-transaction basis. This is a great low-cost way for you to grow your coaching business without a ton of overhead or setup costs related to payment processing. 

When you create a new Subscription for your client, each invoice will incur TrueCoach's processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per successful credit card transaction. This is calculated based on the invoice total which includes any taxes that are included in the price of the subscription.

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For clients with International Payment Methods
If you are charging a client with a credit card outside of the United States, the fee is 3.9% + $.30. This will be applied when Stripe processes the transaction. You do not have to take any additional action for these transactions.

Fees for refunding payments
Processing fees will also apply to payments that you choose to refund. TrueCoach will charge the same rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction based on the amount you choose to refund. This could lead to a negative payout amount in your TrueCoach account. Learn more about negative payouts here.

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