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Negative Payouts

Why is my payout number in parentheses?

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If you refund a payment, you may see that your account balance in Stripe is a negative number. This number will be in parentheses.

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Each payment processed incurs a processing fee. Processing fees are NOT returned to you when you issue a refund. You may choose to only refund a partial amount of your client's payment to cover the cost of the additional processing fee.

For example:

To refund a $100 monthly plan the fee would be $2.90 + $0.30 for a total of $3.20. If you refund your client all $100, then you would have a negative payout balance of ($3.20). To break even on the transaction, you would only refund $96.80.

When a new client signs up, make sure you have a clear refund policy. Take into account how you want to handle these charges for payment processing to avoid disputes.

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