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Issuing Refunds

How do I refund my client's payment?

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

So your client has paid an invoice, but you want to refund them. No biggie, follow these steps to do so!

First, click on the Payments tab on the left of the sidebar, and then click Subscriptions.

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From here, you can choose the Subscription that your client was billed for. Once you have selected the Subscription, scroll to the end of the page where you will see the Invoices heading.

By clicking the "..." next to the specific invoice you would like to refund, you will see the option to refund the charge.

Once you click on this, you will be given the option to administer a partial refund as well as associate a reason for this refund. Please be aware it will take 5-10 business days for this refund to appear in the customer's account.

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When you processed the payment initially, you were deposited the amount less the incurred processing fees. When you refund the payment, the full amount is refunded to the customer. Meaning, you will pay the processing fee for any refunded payments. If you receive a negative payout notification, it is almost always due to a refund.

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