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Archiving Products and Pricing Plans
Archiving Products and Pricing Plans

Need to delete a Product or Pricing Plan?

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

If you create a Product or Pricing Plan with the incorrect pricing structure, name, or simply no longer want to use it, you may want to archive it. Once you have archived a Product or Pricing Plan, that action cannot be undone. 

Archiving a Product
Archiving a Product is easy to do. From the Products page you can hit "Archive product".

When a Product is archived, it will be moved to the bottom of your list of products and display as "Archived". No further actions can occur with this product, and ALL Pricing Plans under that Product will be archived as well.

Archiving Pricing Plans
The same goes for archiving Pricing Plans. Simply hit "Archive pricing plan".

Once archived, Pricing Plans will still be visible under your Products, but they can no longer be edited or have Subscriptions assigned.

Archiving a Pricing Plan with active Subscriptions
If you try to archive a Pricing Plan with an active Subscription, you will receive a message that the client will continue their current billing even after you archive the Pricing Plan. Those Subscriptions will continue for your clients based on the way they were originally set up. 

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