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The TrueCoach App
TrueCoach by Xplor - Our app for coaches & clients
TrueCoach by Xplor - Our app for coaches & clients

The new TrueCoach App has launched! This is an app designed for both coaches & clients. Available for iOS and Android.

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The wait is over! Our brand new all-in-one TrueCoach app is available for coaches and clients. The new app is exactly what you need to stay up to date with your clients' workouts on the go! 💪 🏃

The new app functions as both the client app and an app for coaches. You can switch between your account types within the settings tab [READ HERE].

In TrueCoach app you can now:

  • Access either your TC Coach account or a client account

  • View & create messages with clients, respond to group messages (directions here)

  • View your Coach's Dashboard

  • Review your clients’ workout results, including images and videos

  • Read and respond to your clients’ workout comments

  • Receive push notifications when clients complete workouts or post comments on workouts (more info here)

These are some of the awesome features we have available for the Beta testing launch. We have many more exciting features coming down the pipeline be sure to reach out to a support representative for questions about the new app!

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