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Core Values: How to Stand Out in the Crowd
Core Values: How to Stand Out in the Crowd

part 1 of the "Building Success, Online & Off" series

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Your "WHY"


Your clients are looking for a coach, and probably in more ways than one. If you know your “why,” can express it, and can keep it central to your business, it will help clients better understand and relate to you and your services. Understanding builds trust, and trust builds “sticky” relationships. Clients that are "sticky" are more likely to stay with you over time, because of the relationships you've built with them.

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As a coach, who you are drives what your business is all about.

Are you a people person, a great communicator, are you super knowledgeable, or are you amazing at helping clients locate their motivation? Your skills are what set you apart. Highlight them. Confidently sharing what makes you “YOU” is about knowing yourself first.


Mission: what gets you up every morning? What do you want to accomplish, big picture?

This should be a sentence, direct and including action words like “connect” or “grow,” etc.

Vision: what is the biggest picture purpose you have? What do you DREAM of making possible?

This can be “hazy” or somewhat undefined. Maybe you “envision a world where everyone can access quality coaching no matter their income” or you “work to make personalized fitness a reality for everyone.” Think big! Dream bigger!

Values: what are 3 or 4 important qualities you try to keep central to you and your professional presence in the world? What helps “steer” you when making a big decision?

Each value should have a way of being expressed, i.e. “Integrity- We believe in counting all our reps, practicing quality movement first, and simply choosing the right option over the easy one.” OR “Faith - We believe in holding faith in ourselves and each other, no matter the challenge.”

REMEMBER - you DON’T have to be a good writer to for this part! Just say what you mean and mean what you say here.

A great space to express your mission and values, other than social media and websites, is in your client onboarding process! Check out this article for more details about that, and think creatively about how you can customize it.

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A good brand tells a story.

Your brand tells your story as a coach and as a business.


The pictures or designs you choose, and the fonts you choose, communicate (quietly) things about you as a coach and a business.

Things like strength, flexibility, attitude, outlook, warmth, or lightness (to name just a few). Think about how you would describe the fonts and images or designs you think you want to use. Does that match up with those values you mentioned earlier?


Color choices are very important for similar reasons as imagery and fonts-- only color is usually noticed first and can have a psychological effect as well.

Are your colors in line with your values you came up with? ALSO -- are they easy to view (alone or next to each other) and when combined with your images and fonts, are they still easy on the eyes?

***TrueCoach customers who subscribe at the 50 client-level or above have the option to brand the interior pages (not the app logo on the homescreen) with their own logo and colors!

Consistency is key.

When you’re getting sick of saying it or showing it, your audience is finally starting to “get” it. Stay the course and keep your look, voice, and feel consistent and people will start to get to know YOU as a coach and business. Branding and voice are about clients (potential or current) getting to know you without being able to speak directly to you.

Style sheets (use them or not?)

Even if it’s just you running your coaching business, having a handle on what colors you use, what font styles you want to keep in mind, and what your “voice” sounds like is KEY to consistency. Make a style sheet or don’t. Just make sure you know your own standards.

(style sheet example from Venngage)

As always, write in with any questions you might have and we can offer some advice based on our own background in small business or fitness. We can't wait to help you grow your business by building a strong foundation first!

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