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Learn all about the stopwatch, timer, and interval timer features!

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Ready, Set, Time ⏲️

Your clients can now time their workouts within the TrueCoach app 💪

They can get to the timer by beginning a workout and clicking the timer icon in the top right-hand corner. They’ll see three options: stopwatch, timer, and interval. And don’t worry, clients can leave the TrueCoach App, and the timer will continue! We have included beeping noises to keep clients accountable. Just make sure your client's TrueCoach app notifications are turned on 👍

The Stopwatch Timer is pretty straightforward. Your client just needs to click Stopwatch and then hit 'start' to begin the time, then 'stop'. Once your client starts the stopwatch timer, you can leave the app and the time will continue to run! However, if you jump back to the exercise or hit the "x" button, the timer will stop. This only applies to the Stopwatch Timer. Pretty simple, right?

The Countdown Timer enables you to set a time to count down from, with an auditory alert when the time has run out. The time will continue to run unless your client hits "stop".

  • The timer enables clients to set a time and have it alert them once the time has elapsed.

  • The timer is available to time any workout item on their daily assigned workout.

  • Time automatically copies to the clipboard for easy pasting into results.

  • Swiping down will dismiss the timer.

The Interval Timer (iOS only) is great for tracking working time and rest time! Your clients can enter how much their working time is, rest time, and how many intervals they need to complete. The time will continue to run unless your client hits "stop" 💪

  • The interval timer allows clients to stay accountable on time when training.

  • Clients will hear a beeping noise when the timer has begun and ended.

  • The interval timer has the flexibility to have multiple ranges of workout times, rest time, and the number of intervals.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you need any assistance! 💪

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