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[Client] How to Download the TrueCoach Android App
[Client] How to Download the TrueCoach Android App

The TrueCoach Android app is in beta testing. Learn what that means and how to get your hands on the app today!

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What is Public Beta?

A public beta provides you access to download and use the "unfinished" version of our new Android app. Pretty cool, huh?!

This means that after opting into the Google Play testing program any client who trains on the TrueCoach platform will be able to start using the Android app to view and complete workouts, message coaches, and get push notifications for new comments and messages.

Click below to download the app!

What can I do on this app?

While there’s still plenty more to add, we wanted to get something out and start collecting feedback. We’d love to hear about what features you and your clients want to see most! For any feature that is not available in the beta version, the app will have a link to bring you to the web version of the app on your default browser.

Thanks so much for checking out TrueCoach on Android, and for the help making it the best it can be!

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