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Subscription Statuses

What does "trialing" mean?

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

The status of your client's Subscription can be seen by clicking on the Subscriptions tab on the left side of your Payments Dashboard.

This status can and will vary, so let's go over what some of them mean:


When your client's Subscription displays "Trialing," this means you have set a billing date in the future.

The system will then recognize the time between now and the first billing date as a trial period!


This simply means the information is being processed. All Subscriptions will have a "pending" period right when you create them.

Needs Attention

This will show clients without payment information or whose payments have failed. 


These Subscriptions are currently active and will bill automatically on the next billing date.


These are...well...canceled Subscriptions! Whether you've canceled the Subscription manually or the client has reached the end date, this means the client will not be billed again for this Subscription.

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