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Team Account Payments

Can coaches on my team use Payments?

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

TrueCoach Payments lets you and coaches on your team charge clients for your services. 

There are few things you will need to have in order before jumping into Payments with your team. Make sure you and your coaches understand what you can and cannot do in terms of payments and charging clients.

The Organization Owner CAN:

  • Connect a Stripe account and receive payouts. Only one bank account may be added to receive payouts.

  • Create products and pricing plans (ex: Individual Programming = product, Monthly for $200 = pricing plan, Monthly w/ Nutrition for $250 = pricing plan).

  • Create subscriptions for all clients, including the clients of other coaches on the team.

Coaches with ✅Admin Privileges on CAN:

  • Start or stop subscriptions for themselves as well as for other coaches in the organization.

Coaches with ❌Admin Privileges off CAN:

  • Make subscriptions for the clients assigned to them.

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