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Applying Discounts to Subscriptions
Applying Discounts to Subscriptions

How do I add a discount or coupon code to a client's subscription?

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.
We don't support discounts on subscriptions quite yet, but we're working on it. To apply a discount to your client's subscription, you can create a new pricing plan for the discounted rate.

For example, let's say you are offering a 10% discount on their first month if they sign up by a certain date. All you would need to do is create a new pricing plan at 90% of your normal rate and set them up with that for the first month. If you normally charge $200 a month, the discounted subscription would be $180 for the first month.

Here's what to do:

  1. Create a Pricing Plan called, "1st Month - 10% off" for the discounted rate. In this case, $180/monthly.

  2. Create a Pricing Plan for the full price titled "Monthly" at $200/per month

  3. Create a Subscription with the discounted rate. Set the cancel date to the last day of the billing period (i.e. if the start date is the 1st, the cancel date would be the 30th or 31st). This will charge them the discounted rate once, then the subscription will cancel.

  4. Create a Subscription for the normal rate. The start date should be the next billing date. So, if they are billed today at the discounted rate, set the start date for the normal rate to be one month from today.

Discounts will be added to Subscriptions soon.ย 

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