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Creating auto-renewing payments for your clients

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🇺🇸 Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

Automatically charging recurring subscriptions eliminates the conversational friction and administrative work that comes when you bill your clients on a per-session basis. We're here to support the relationships you have with your clients, so if you're wondering how TrueCoach Payments will work for your business, keep reading.

What does "auto-billing" mean?

When you create a Subscription for a client, you are asked to select an end date or "renew forever". 

The end date defines how many payments the client will make. For example, a monthly billing subscription set to end three months from the start date will create three payments.

Renew forever means the Subscription will continue to bill on the specified billing date until it is manually canceled.

⭐️In any case, all payments will be charged automatically on the selected billing date so long as the client has a payment method on file ⭐️

When will my client be charged?

If you select Start Immediately when creating a Subscription, we will attempt to charge the invoice within minutes of saving.

All other invoices will begin processing at midnight, your time, on the due date.

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