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Subscriptions Quick FAQs

A quick guide to the most important questions about subscriptions.

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Only available for US, UK, Australia, Canada-based coaches.

What are the processing fees?

  • When you create a subscription for your client, each invoice will incur Stripe’s processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per successful credit card transaction. This is calculated by the invoice total which includes tax.

Can I process one time payments?

  • We don’t have one-time payments quite yet; however, you can create a Subscription and set the cancel date to occur prior to the next billing day and you’ve essentially done the same thing! This will charge your client on the subscription start date only. 👍

Can I pro-rate subscriptions?

  • You sure can! When adding a Subscription for a client, you have full control over their billing cycle. As a coach, you may prefer to bill clients on a specific day like the 1st or 15th so you have a consistent payment schedule. What happens when a client wants to start on a day other than the 1st or the 15th? This is when automatic proration comes in handy. Click here to know more about how to set these up!

Can I add tax to a subscription?

  • While we can't tell you how much tax to charge based on your location and service, you can add tax to your clients' Subscription payments. Read up on how here.

Can I mark a payment as paid in cash?

  • We do not currently have this functionality. We are working on  giving you the ability to mark invoices as paid in cash as soon as possible 💪

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