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Okay, clients are on-board. You've got them set up with their Subscription. Now, how do you and your clients stay on top of payments?

No worries! We have you both covered with some...Payments Notifications!

Coach Notifications

First, let's locate your Notification Settings so we can make sure you get the ones you want and turn off the ones you don't!

Click on the down arrow next to your avatar photo at the top right of your dashboard. From here, click Settings on the pulldown menu and then click Notifications on the left side of your screen:

Once you enter into the Notifications tab on the left, you will see two types of notifications.

Web Notifications

Your web notifications will be at the top of the page. You can choose to get notified on your dashboard of a client adding a payment method or a payment being made.

Email Notifications

You will also have the option of being notified of your clients' payment activity through email. Beware, we will always notify you when a payment fails or you issue a refund.

Where do you find these notifications?

Your email notifications will be sent to the email that you have on file for your coach account.

Your web notifications will be displayed in two spots.

1.  In your Notifications at the top right of your dashboard.

2. On your payments dashboard. You can get there by clicking on the Payments tab at the top right of your screen and clicking on the Dashboard tab.

If your client's Subscription needs attention, you will also see this icon in the client calendar sidebar over Subscriptions:

Client Notifications

So we have the coach notifications down, but where and how does the client stay up to date with billing activity?

All clients will receive an email notification when a Subscription is created by their coach.

iOS users will also receive a push notification when a Subscription is created. Keep in mind, clients must have their push notifications allowed to receive this notification.

When a payment method fails or a client has yet to enter their billing information, the client will see this alert in their TrueCoach account:

They can then click into the Payment Method tab to add or update their information!

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