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What nutrition features does TrueCoach offer?

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With TrueCoach nutrition tracking, you can set caloric and macronutrient goals for your clients to log.

Assigning Nutrition Goals

You'll first need to set nutrition goals for your client from the left sidebar on their workout calendar.

Once you click Add Plan, enter specific instructions, upload any files (documents, photos, etc), and assign their daily macronutrient and fiber intake goals.

NOTE: Your clients can integrate their MyFitnessPal and Truecoach accounts.

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Viewing your Clients' Nutrition Entries

To view your client's nutrition entries, navigate to their workout calendar and click the Nutrition (fork and knife) icon on the left sidebar. Select View history to see an overview of their nutrition details, which includes a graph of their intake, a compliance percentage, and their average for the week. You can also click on Show daily breakdown to view totals for each day along with any notes your clients have logged.

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Nutrition from the Client View

Your clients can log their nutrition data directly from the Client App or on a web browser (mobile or desktop).

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