Adding a New Client

Setting Up a New Client in TrueCoach

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You can add a new client by clicking on the Add Client button in the top right-hand side of the screen from the dashboard or your client list.

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Client Types

Next, you'll classify this client as either Remote, Dual, or In-Person.

  • A Remote Client trains on their own 100% of the time. TrueCoach will send them an invitation email inviting them to create an account. Remote clients are able to view their workouts and update their own results.

  • A Dual Client trains with you in-person sometimes and on their own the rest. TrueCoach will send them an email inviting them to create an account. Unlike remote clients, coaches can add results and mark workouts as completed/missed for dual clients.

  • An In-Person Client only trains in-person with you and only you can update their results. In-Person clients also do not get an invitation to create a client account.

The only required pieces of information are their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address (if remote or dual). You can choose to leave the rest blank and we'll prompt the client to finish it when accepting their invitation, or you can fill it out in advance on their behalf - up to you!

Adding More Information

The More link expands and allows you to fill out more details about the client including their birthday, location, timezone, a photo, measurement units, gender, height, and weight.ย 

Completing the Client Add

To finish adding this client, click Add Client.

Once a client is added, if they are a remote or dual client type, they'll immediately receive an email invitation to start setting up their account and you can get started on building workouts.

Getting an error that your client is already on the platform?

Right now we can only have one client account per email address. If your client has another account with a different coach, there are a few options to get them on your client list:

  1. Have their old coach delete the client's profile

  2. Add the client with a different email address

  3. Reach out to [email protected]; if the client is no longer active with their other coach we can free up that email so you can add them as a new client

Resending a Client's Invitation

Is your client having difficulty finding their invitation email? No worries, you can resend this! To resend an invitation to a client go to the Client Dashboard, find the user, and click Resend Invitation or copy the link to send to them directly.

The Client's Invitation

When your new client is added as a remote or dual client they'll immediately receive an invitation to set up their profile in TrueCoach.

After accepting the invitation the client will have the option to confirm and fill out other about themselves including their birthday, location, timezone, photo, measurement units, gender, height, and weight.

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