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New Designs Changes to the Client App!
New Designs Changes to the Client App!

We've made some thoughtful changes to the client app.

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Our team has been hard at work making some changes to the client app! We've been focused on streamlining the fundamentals and unifying the design systems, all with an eye toward making the client experience more seamless and functional.

All of the features are the same as they were, we've just updated the user interface to give the app a fresh look.

Welcome Screen

We added some personalization to the welcome screen, along with some updated color schemes that help to unify the design principles of the app.

Profile Page

(Coming in version 11.7.3)

Your clients will notice that the profile page has seen some improvements as well. This is an upgrade from the previous design and focuses on refining the information and making it a bit easier to navigate. Here, we group the most important items at the top and have created some sub-groups for the information that is below.

Updated Empty States

(Coming in version 11.7.3)

We've updated the display for modals that do not have any information yet. This empty state display will help with a clearer presentation of those details. These screens are now consistent throughout the app. In the screenshot below, we see what the client view will be if they don't have any upcoming workouts:

This is the first rollout of a series of updates to the client app. We have many more exciting changes on the horizon, so stay tuned here for more updates!

Any questions? Reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]!

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