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How to compress your videos for easier uploads
How to compress your videos for easier uploads

Some best practices for seamless video uploads

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Mobile phones are capable of taking great photos and even better videos. Although this new technology comes at a cost. Many photos and videos recorded on new devices are increasingly large files. Sometimes a simple one-minute video can be as large as 150MB.

In order to ensure these videos get uploaded into your TrueCoach account without any hiccups, here are a few tips for managing those hefty files.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

This is an easy step that will prevent your videos from being too large to share. Lowering the frame rate is a helpful way to keep those file sizes manageable.

On iOS devices, go to Settings > Tap on Camera > Tap on Record Video > Choose the video resolution and frame rate you would like to record your videos.

If you choose to record videos at the lowest settings (which when tested is still super smooth and sharp), you will be able to record videos at around 40MB per minute of video. The higher settings can scale up to 400MB per minute.

What about videos you've already recorded?

If you have large videos that you've already created and (understandably) don't want to record again, you can find many great "video compression" apps from the Appstore

If you have large videos you do not want to record again, the best way is to look for a "video compression" app from the App Store.

Here's one we recommend that works great: Resize Video Compressor

If you need any further assistance with these, feel free to reach out to our support team: [email protected]


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