Joining a Team Account

You're teaming up and joining an organization, but what does this exactly mean for you?

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Joining a team has many benefits like having the ability to share programs and demo videos, and being covered under the team owner's TrueCoach subscription. It also means that every client, program, and any content in the library is considered the organization's intellectual property.

It's important to note that should you decide to separate from the organization, a copy of any programs or library items you've created will remain on the Team Account.

Admin Privileges

As a coach with admin privileges (set by the organization owner), you will be able to view and manage all clients, regardless if they're directly assigned to you. You'll be able to:

  • Assign or edit workouts on their calendar

  • View, edit, and assign Private Programs

  • View and edit any information for the client (full access to anything in their sidebar or details page)

  • Comment on any workouts (it will reflect the coach who left the comment)

  • Archive and delete other coaches' clients

You'll only be able to message clients that are directly assigned to you for privacy reasons.

Need help getting added to a team? Reach out to [email protected].


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