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Creating a Program from the Client Workout Calendar
Creating a Program from the Client Workout Calendar

Did you just create a programming masterpiece in a client's workout calendar and now you want to save it as a program? We got you covered🎉

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So let's say you have been hard at work creating your client's workouts (in their workout calendar) and you realize that you have just created the Mona Lisa of programs! Now you need to save that puppy as a program so you can share it with future clients. Have no fear, we have a shortcut for that!

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How to select multiple workouts and then save those workouts to your program collection:

In your client's workout calendar

  • Select the first workout of your new programming masterpiece

  • Scroll to the last workout (hold shift + select the last workout) - see all of the workouts between the first and last selection highlighted

  • Look at the bottom toolbar

  • Click on the "create a program from selected" icon (see below)

  • Fill out the program name and description, then click Save! 😄

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