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Sync Program Changes
Sync Program Changes

Everything you need to know about the sync program changes feature.

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Have you ever made some sweet customizations to one of your client's workouts only to have the sync feature wipe out your hard work? Yeah, us too. 🤦

That's why we made some tweaks to the Sync program changes feature so you and your clients get the best possible experience!

How does it work?

The Sync program changes toggle will be locked in its current state while clients are assigned to the program. Before you assign a program, decide if you want sync to stay on or off. If left on, the changes you make to your program will override any changes made to the client workout calendar. If left off, the client will only receive the version of the program as it existed when it was assigned.

What if I want to switch between on/off?

If you want to change the sync status of your program, you'll want to remove all active assignments of your program. Then, you can toggle the switch before reassigning. Remember that once you un-assign someone from a program any updates to the program will not reflect on the clients' workout calendar.

Why you would want to leave Program Sync ON:

  • You do group programming that doesn't get individual customizations.

  • You frequently make changes to a program that you need pushed out to all clients.

Why you would want to leave Program Sync OFF:

  • You generally don't make edits to your programs.

  • Your programs serve as a template, and then you make individual customizations once it's on your client's workout calendar. (Think movement progressions or a weekly structure you use).

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