There are many special moments in life that you will never forget. The day you graduated, the day you got married, and of course, the birth of your first child...but

all of those will pale in comparison because today the TrueCoach Android app for clients has arrived! 🤖

What Does Public Beta mean?

Public beta means that you can use and try out the TrueCoach client Android app. You will see limited app features as further features are still in development. We are continuing to refine and polish the core functionality and most popular features and need your feedback to develop an awesome finished product.

How do I get the TrueCoach Android client app?

You can download the Android app from the Google Play store after opting into the Google Play testing program. Click here to access the app.

What Can I do in the app?

The beta version of the app has all the essentials you need to complete a workout. This includes viewing “Upcoming” and “Past” workouts, viewing attached exercise videos, that ability to view and add comments to each workout, and adding images/videos as comments.

You'll also be able to use the messaging feature to send messages with text, images, videos, and PDFs to your coach. You can receive messages from your coach, view attached images/videos, and view any attachments from your coach in a browser or other supported app.

Finally, you will be able to receive push notifications when you receive a new message or comment on a workout from your coach.

What about everything else?

Not all features that are available on the client iOS app and web app will be available just yet. These are still in development by our team and will be put in place once we fully release the app. We greatly appreciate your patience!

How can I provide feedback?

In the Android app, on the account screen, you can click the “Submit Feedback” button that will direct you to a Google Form, where you can give feedback on features you want to see next and report any bugs.

If the Android app is blowing your mind and you want to send us a muffin basket let us know at [email protected]

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