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TrueCoach as only "a platform to deliver workouts" - not to Mitch Davis and his high school athletes

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Coach: Mitch Davis
​Business: Palmyra Area High School (PA) / Assistant Wrestling Coach, Head Strength Coach
​Style: Strength & Conditioning, Team Sports


Often times, when explaining TrueCoach, we say it is "a platform for coaches to deliver workouts to their clients."

If you ask Mitch Davis, he might disagree with you.

Like many TrueCoach users, Mitch first found TrueCoach as a client, and then he quickly realized how he could use it as a coach himself. With mostly in-person clients at the time, he used the "excel sheet, program one month at a time, print everything out, and write down sets/reps/notes in tiny blocks" method. Sometimes this method included bonus days where he'd forget someone's sheet at home, get caught in the rain ruining some important documents, and other hazards of the pen and paper old school ways. It was slightly more convenient for his few remote clients, but Mitch was still missing that level of communication needed to genuinely train someone successfully from afar.

The biggest difference Mitch notices with using TrueCoach is the relationship he's developed with each of his clients. One remote client who has been with him for seven years attended Mitch's wedding, was appointed as his son's guardian, and they have grown to become great friends supporting each other in life's struggles and victories along the way. They've even created their own barbell club, Knurling on Tap, which includes a remote workout together followed by a competition to see who can bring the most unique IPA to the table.

In addition to his personal training, about three years ago, Mitch became the wrestling and strength and conditioning coach at Palmyra High School. When he arrived, the wrestling team hadn't recorded more than a one-win season in years. After implementing TrueCoach with the wrestling team, Mitch was able to get the young men to fall in love with lifting and watch their strength numbers skyrocket. This piqued the interest from other students, and the roster jumped from nine to 24 guys before his first season started. Now, after three seasons, the winning percentage has increased each year, but more importantly, the athletes are invested in strength and conditioning both in and out of season.

Very quickly, word spread around the school, and before he knew it, the baseball, football, track, and basketball teams were intrigued. Mitch knew he needed to get these teams involved if not only to increase athletic performance, but TrueCoach could aid in keeping everyone on track, even if he couldn't be at every single lifting session or team practice.

What TrueCoach has done for these kids and everyone involved is way more than provide a workout for the day. These athletes are able to track their metrics through TrueCoach and use their numbers to present to college athletics recruiters demonstrating their investment in their own success. Mitch can also use the data to inform parents when they inquire about playing time and roster choices concerning their kids.

Even beyond that, TrueCoach provides these teenagers with the opportunity to learn and mature as humans. Mitch uses compliance rates as motivation for the athletes to have the privilege of using TrueCoach in the weight room. If their compliance falls below a certain number, they have to earn back their TrueCoach. This has lead to team captains checking in with their teammates, making sure everyone knows how to use the app, and the added pride in treating the weight room as their home and with a sense of purpose - they take it upon themselves to keep it spotless. Mitch recalls one specific athlete who was "smokin' and jokin' every day" after school, showing up to practice in less than ideal shape, and he really didn't care much about anything. He got hooked on TrueCoach, and he hasn't missed a single workout in a year and a half, owns every school weight lifting record in his weight class, and is on his way to West Point after high school. While TrueCoach has certainly helped Mitch and his teams better their performance inside the weight room, the real successes are seen outside the weight room, and TrueCoach has absolutely been a game-changer for everyone.

Mitch will tell you that "TrueCoach as a platform to deliver workouts" is only the beginning...

Mitch's TrueCoach Favorites:

Favorite Feature:

Although not exactly a "feature", having TrueCoach so handy is great. Dealing with high schoolers, we have to 'bend not break'. Yes, I hate that kids are glued to their phones, but the fact that their HEALTH is brought to them through their beloved device - they A) know how to use the app almost immediately, and B) it is an added factor in them wanting to get into the weight room. They no longer have to go back through paperwork to check their progress, it is right there in front of them, in real-time. Coaches have seen a tremendous growth in their athletes, both mentally (putting in their data) and physically (kids are no longer guessing about what they did last week, or month) because it is there for them to check!

Favorite #TrueCoachHack:

My favorite life hack I have found is the power of the compliance rate. I have a FIRM rule: 75% compliance rate or you get put on hold. How do you earn your way back? You show a week of dedication with coming in, writing down your info, and show me at the end of the week. Let me tell you what, I have never seen so many people who cherish their compliance rate so much. Kids are crushing their workouts, with many of them at 100% across the board!

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