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Technique Based Coaching

Learn to provide technique feedback through TrueCoach from the best: Chad Vaughn.

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Coach: Chad Vaughn
Vaughn Weightlifting, Belton, TX

Most of us find certain ways we like to do things and stick to them. They become our daily routines, and we find it very hard to stray. "If it's not broke, don't fix it," as they say...

Until his wife Jodi introduced him to TrueCoach, that's how Chad Vaughn felt about working with remote clients through emails and texts. He would send programming via email and videos through text, but he thought, "Hey, this works...I'm cool with it."

Chad's experience as a weightlifter helps shape the way he works with his athletes. He's a 9 x US National Champion, 2 x Olympian (2004, 2008), former Senior American Record Holder in C&J, and the current American Master's Record Holder in Snatch, C&J, and Total. Most recently in 2019, he broke the World Records in Snatch and Total in the 73 kilogram weight class for the 35-39 age group. He knows what it's like to be on both sides as a coach and athlete.

He realized he could provide better quality coaching to more people by putting the Vaughn Weightlifting program onto one platform. Chad and Jodi saved their programs in TrueCoach, and can now adjust individually as needed, and most importantly, they can use videos for demos, and provide feedback for clients.

With weightlifting, being able to see the athletes' technique and taking the time to analyze and prescribe the appropriate drills has been the catalyst in providing the highest quality coaching to their athletes. It's definitely hard to replace in-person immediate feedback while being able to move around and see lifts from different angles, but sending videos through TrueCoach has been so beneficial. Vaughn Weightlifting athletes have seen major positive changes and are better working towards achieving their goals. Chad and Jodi suggest specific angles to video the lifts from, and then they can even slow them down to analyze every detail. With that information, they are able to immediately adjust the programming as needed moving forward.

Chad's TrueCoach Favorites:

Favorite Feature:

Copy/Paste of individual or multiple workouts.

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