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Remote and In-Person Coaching
Remote and In-Person Coaching

Learn how CrossFit Milford's Jason Leydon provides coaching to all different client types.

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Coach: Jason Leydon
CrossFit Milford / Conquer Athlete, Milford, CT

Jason said it best, "Anybody not using TrueCoach is really just wasting time. TrueCoach has revolutionized the programming platform."

Well, we certainly won't argue with him.

Have you ever used Evernote to keep track of your grocery list or maybe to jot down that great idea born as a "shower thought" before you forgot? Or perhaps, have you ever used Evernote to keep track of your clients' fitness programming? Jason Leydon did.

After connecting with James Fitzgerald of OPEX, Jason moved his coaching into TrueCoach. The most important aspect to him was that now, his clients' information can be organized in one place instead of separate Evernotes and apps. Jason is able to see nutrition and fitness goals, metrics, messages, and training blocks through TrueCoach, and that allows him to provide the best prescription possible for his athletes.

The best part about TrueCoach for Jason and his clients is how easy it is to communicate. For clients, being able to record and share videos of workouts with Jason has drastically improved their experience, and in turn, it allows Jason use that feedback to provide even better programming based on their individual progress. On the other hand, Jason also takes the time to connect with his athletes via video chat to discuss their training while looking through their TrueCoach profiles.

Beyond his individual programming, TrueCoach also plays a part in Jason's gym - CrossFit Milford. There, they use TrueCoach for class and personal training programming, various other class tracks (weightlifting, bodyweight classes), and continuing to teach their coaches Jason's programming philosophy.

Jason's TrueCoach Favorites:

Favorite Feature:

The delivery process. I love the professional feel it provides in how the athletes get their programs each day.

Favorite #TrueCoachHack:

The ability to progress the weeks and bring them down to easily add volume / intensity / or load for that training block.

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