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Multiple Facilities

How UFIT Singapore runs 5 locations with multiple products all powered by TrueCoach.

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Coaches: Fred Silcock (Head of Online), Leigh Withers (Head of Personal Training), Pamela Ibarra (Head of Nutrition), Kyle Wild (Head of Physiotherapy)
UFIT / Singapore
Multiple Facilities

While TrueCoach was originally created with the individual coach to client relationship in mind, these days, all sorts of fitness business models and personal trainers are using TrueCoach to their benefit.

UFIT Singapore has taken 1:1 in-person training one step further. With TrueCoach, they are now able to take their clients on a journey from working together in one of their five facilities with personal trainers, physiotherapists, and nutritionists to continuing their program remotely through TrueCoach as needed. Many of their clients in Singapore may only spend a couple of years locally, and with TrueCoach, UFIT is able to continue their relationship after they've moved away - even internationally!

Fred and the UFIT coaches were using spreadsheets for in-person clients before TrueCoach. While functional, it was not pretty. For remote clients, they were sending videos back and forth via WhatsApp in addition to their sheets and emails. That sounds like it could get messy, and files were spread out everywhere!

With a staff including many different backgrounds and programming styles, UFIT needed a platform with maximum flexibility for the coaches, but something that was also scalable as an organization. Within the first four months in TrueCoach, Fred and his team implemented 90 coaches and 900 clients into the platform which serves as their all-knowing information hub. Each coach is able to see where their clients started with UFIT, who they've worked with, and the progress they've made. This helps the UFIT team work together to create the best overall plan for their clients.

The client experience, for both in-person and remote clients, has gone through the roof since implementing TrueCoach. UFIT has seen clients' compliance improve, as the individual now has transparency of their plan, goals, and relevant metrics. This keeps both the coaches and clients accountable.

UFIT's TrueCoach Favorites:

Favorite Feature:

The introduction of nutrition tracking, which is where a lot of clients can fall short of their goals, no matter how good the programming around that is. We’ve worked hard to develop some internal resources that help improve our clients education around nutrition - now we can deliver on these through TrueCoach.

Favorite #TrueCoachHack:

Saving resources in the ‘Programs’ section of the website is a game changer. Coaches organically build up a library of content in there which means 'the more you put in, the more you get out of the platform. As an organization, we are able to share generic content with all of our staff in there which will be fantastic for their development.

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