Hybrid Coaching

Balancing remote individual and in-person group programming with Koda CrossFit.

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Coach: Kevin Schuetz
​Business: Koda CrossFit / Koda CrossFit Iron View, Lafayette, Colorado
​Style: Individual Remote Coaching, Group Programming, CrossFit

Kevin grew up playing baseball through college and found CrossFit post-graduation. Soon after moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kevin, Jared Muse, and Brice Collier opened a CrossFit gym. Koda CrossFit HQ (as they like to call it) was in business by late 2011. Fast forward to 2019, and there are six Koda locations throughout Oklahoma City, Norman, Tulsa, and Lafayette. All gyms follow the same programming, and even though they are miles apart, they've built an amazing community between all of their members.

Beyond offering the "standard" class programming, Koda also provides its members with multiple workout biases including: strength, aerobic, gymnastics, and Koda Mata (Koda Mom). Even with this extra resource available to the community, many members struggled with how many and when to do these extra workouts on their own. With this in mind, Koda began offering individualized programming options.

Kevin knew from previous experience as a competitive athlete with a remote coach, spreadsheets and emails were NOT going to cut it when trying to program between multiple coaches and athletes. Enter TrueCoach.

From a personal coaching standpoint, TrueCoach has improved Kevin's organization and productivity to provide a great service for his athletes. From an organizational standpoint, TrueCoach easily streamlines both the custom programs and weekly template programs like the class programming and specific biases. TrueCoach lets Koda have a base class program and the different biases each week that can be easily adjusted to get the best of both worlds: an individualized program that utilizes group class for the training, community, and progression!

Example: here's how class programming can be adjusted in multiple ways for each athlete according to their goals, strengths/weaknesses, injury, etc.

Athlete A:
AM Session: Aerobic work mixed with Functional Bodybuilding Weaknesses.
PM Session: Koda Class Workout

Athlete B:
(1st): Specific Mobility Work to attack a weakness.
(2nd): Koda Class Workout.
(3rd): Finisher geared specifically towards Muscle Up Skill/Strength Work

Athlete C:
Class Workout has back squats in it. Athlete does Front Squats instead since they are underdeveloped in this move. Class has Running and Double Unders but athlete has a sprained ankle from pick-up basketball. Coach switches Running to Rowing and Double Unders to Quick Plate Step Ups.

In order to keep the 20+ coaches on the Team account connected, a weekly email is sent to everyone. There is also a daily video for coaches diving into the intended response of the day and some suggestions on scaling and time management. This helps Koda provide a great service between all coaches at all six locations and additional remote gyms.

Kevin's TrueCoach Favorites:

Favorite Feature:

Searchable workouts, easily commenting and giving feedback on a specific workout, reviewing and providing feedback on an uploaded video, copying or assigning and adjusting workouts/programs easily - couldn't choose just one!

Favorite #TrueCoachHack:

Keyboard Shortcuts, but especially the Jump to Client (J) tool - Once you nail down keyboard shortcuts and get familiarized with the software, you can really get into a flow state where you can get your goals and thoughts with a session into TrueCoach quickly and efficiently.

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