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Remote Coaching: Groups
Remote Coaching: Groups

Marcus Filly and his brainchild "Revival Strength" work with large groups of clients crushing programming together.

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Coach: Marcus Filly
Business: Revival Strength - San Rafael, CA
Style: Organization Remote Coaching

Unlike most coaches that make the jump online and go through years of struggling — spending hours in front of a computer before finally “getting it” — Marcus had his own remote coach through OPEX.

Before Marcus left a business partnership at his box, he was already using TrueCoach for three months... but his story — from struggle to where his business is at now — doesn’t start there.

Marcus programmed for 20-30 remote clients before TrueCoach... and like many coaches, he used Google Spreadsheets, email, and YouTube.

At first, he went into this space thinking he’d only get 1 email per client per day, but that ended up being 50 emails a day (not including replies). On top of that, he had Inbox Zero OCD, so every day he’d spend 90 minutes clearing out his inbox to zero.

His day went a little something like this:

90 minutes to get to inbox zero
48-50 minutes to program a months workout per client
10-15 minutes to copy and paste workouts to email, and edit them to look professional for each client
1 hour to do data entry

Then, there were the things you need to do in your business
So his day consisted of 3 hours and 38 minutes of admin work and that was if he only had to program for one client that day.

Because Marcus had been trained under OPEX for years, he noticed his workouts were being delivered differently. It had a cleaner look, and it was easy for him to enter and update his results. He got a better customer experience himself, so he explored it.

When coaching at the gym, he was able to give a lot of interaction with clients because he saw them almost every day. But his online clients were not getting this type of engagement and interaction that they also deserved.

He took the leap and integrated his clients into TrueCoach. The payoff was immediate... when he didn’t have to copy and paste workouts from Google Spreadsheets into an email, then spend time editing them for each client right away... saved him about an hour a day.

And week after week, he noticed the time being eaten up by busy work started to decline. He had more time to engage with clients by answering their comments in TrueCoach for specific workouts. He was able to look at his client’s results from last week or last month on one screen while he was designing the next program. So now instead of working Monday - Saturday... spending 60 hours on just programming and managing 30 clients plus an additional 20 hours to do all the things to run a business on top of that to grow.

With the extra time, Marcus grew Revival Strength so quickly he had to hire more coaches to keep up. Now he has 200 clients spread across 6 coaches, who are all using TrueCoach to provide their clients with a highly engaging coaching experience without the 80 hour work week.

His continued goal as the CEO is to provide his coaches with a professional income without working 80 hours a week doing what they’re passionate about.

The fitness industry is changing and sometimes following the big players in the space that you’re in, can dramatically change the way you do business as well as your lifestyle.

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