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Quick Guide to TrueCoach's Keyboard Shortcuts
Quick Guide to TrueCoach's Keyboard Shortcuts

A full list of all the keyboard shortcuts built-in to TrueCoach

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At TrueCoach we love efficiency. It's actually the love of efficiency that started our quest to build a tool that would help coaches like you spend less time programming with spreadsheets (or worse). Think of the keyboard shortcuts below as a way to make using TrueCoach and programming for your clients even easier! 

Keyboard Shortcuts

To access these shortcuts, go ahead and use your keyboard to hit  (shift + ?)  from the workout builder or program tab.

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While you are in your workout builder or programs, this is a great way to simplify some of the steps involved in programming for your clients. 

Below is a great example of how you can quickly add a new exercise using keyboard shortcuts!

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