Just about as easy as it gets! 

Head to the Program you'd like to print, select the first workout, hold down the SHIFT key, then select the last workout. You'll see a few icons pop up at the bottom of your screen where you can select Print Workouts. 

Select 'save as PDF' as your destination and you've got that program saved to your computer!

If you'd like your program exported to a .txt file, assign it to a client, then use the export tool in their sidebar. Once you've done that, unassign or delete the program from the calendar 👍🏼

Want to export as PDF rather than a .txt file?

You can export your workouts (with client results) and/or programs in mass this way to a PDF:

  • Select desired workouts

  • Select "print workouts"

  • Select preview in PDF

  • Save that file as PDF

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