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How to organize all of your leads

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Once you've got your Coach Profile page filled out with leads, you're going to need some strategies to manage them. The lead status and label features will be a great way to help you categorize and organize your leads

Lead Statuses

There are four different statuses your leads might have:

  1. Lead

  2. Engaged

  3. Waitlist

  4. Declined

"Lead" Status

Leads with the "Lead" status will be all new leads that have visited your coach profile page and have made an inquiry. You should use your "Lead" tab on your lead dashboard as your to-do list as any lead listed here has not been engaged with.

"Engaged" Status

Engaged leads will be any lead you send a message to from your coach profile page. To send them a message, click their name and select the "Message Client" option.

You can use one of our quick messages or create your own message to send to the lead. Once the message is sent, the lead will be converted to the "Engaged" status.

Pro Tip: On your initial message to the lead, let them know that your initial email can not be responded to (at this time) and leave them a way to reach you at the end of your message but including your email or phone number.

"Waitlist" Status

You might get some leads that you are not quite ready to work with. Maybe you have maxed out your bandwidth to take on new clients but you want to keep these potential clients on standby for the future when you are ready.

We recommend you engage with the lead first to let them know you are not taking on more clients at the moment and then move them over to the waitlist status.

To do so, click into their profile and adjust their status to waitlist in the status dropdown:

"Declined" Status

If a lead makes an inquiry and you decide not to move forward with them as a client after engaging with them, you can change their status to the "declined". This will move them over to the "other" tab on your lead dashboard to keep them out of sight.

Pro Tip: Once the lead is marked as declined, there will be no way to adjust their status. There's also no way to delete a declined lead at this time.

Adding the lead as an Active Client

Once you are ready to add the lead to TrueCoach, follow the steps in this article to start training your new client.

Lead Labels

Lead labels are a great way to categorize your leads to view at a high level on your lead dashboard.

How to add a lead label

To add a lead label, click into the lead profile and hit "Add Label":

From there, that label will populate on your lead dashboard for you to view:

This will allow you to quickly identify leads by the labels you create and sort them by created labels for organizational purposes.

Any questions? Reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]!

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