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Who needs a clipboard when you have TrueCoach? Learn how REVO PT get's the best results for their PT and Performance clients.

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Coach: Dane DeLozier
REVO PT - Boulder, CO
In-person Individual

Meet Dane DeLozier — a collegiate football player turned mountain biker when he’s not busy taking care of his patient base.

Dane holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and he's been in business for more than three years offering a unique end-to-end care approach using precision technology to capture and address poor movement.

His clinic moves people from injured (and suffering from acute pain) to sport-performance ready. Dane achieves this with a blend of physical therapy, cutting edge technology using 3D motion capture, and EMG to determine weak links in his patients.

While working in a traditional clinical model he noticed a need... most of the people he treated would go from injured to “fixed” to performing to injured again. The old care model didn’t have the capability to accomplish bridging the gap between acute injury and sport performance. So he ventured out on his own to make the idea of end-to-end care a reality.

In his new model of care, clients would see a doctor of physical therapy 1:1 for 60-mins to get a full assessment. From the assessment, an exercise regimen is developed. This exercise prescription address strengths and weaknesses, so patients go from injured to sports-performance ready and prevents re-injury.

Dane's system to manage this was called the “loose paper method”.

It combines...

  • Spreadsheets of workouts

  • Handouts with pictures of exercise demos

  • Recorded exercise videos that were uploaded to YouTube...Sometimes a few exercises would be stick figures on paper if there were no demo videos

And then, there’s communication...

  • Email follow-ups

  • Email patients and describe what they should be doing

  • Multiple conversations spread out in different emails, then trying to piece it together when changing a patient’s program...And it can take a while when you have to search your inbox for an email from 3 months ago with a video to see how they moved then vs. now

The “loose paper method” was a nightmare... the hours weren’t better from when he worked at a traditional clinic, Dane would spend 12 hours a day just on managing 20 patients PLUS the day-to-day work of running a business was waiting for him after he finished with his patients.

Finally, Dane found TrueCoach! He can create and adapt programs on real-time data, which allows him to be fast and agile with practical exercise prescriptions and blend his theoretical knowledge with it. TrueCoach became the vehicle to quickly put in what works and throw out what doesn’t for his patients.

He had laser-focused coaching, rather than the old method of trying to guess what and why clients aren’t getting better... what was really going on in their lives and adjust, so they can progress rather than regress.

This allowed more flexibility for creating a client experience and depending on the patient. Whether it be a weekend warrior or a competitor, he could create 3-month blocks of programming, month to month, and even week-to-week and manage 15 active clients in 10 minutes!

Then, the snowball effect happened... It allowed Dane to work ‘ON’ his business rather than working in his business, which allowed him to grow from 20 clients to 75 clients all over the world (Europe, South America, all over the US, and even Asia).

Now with a team of four physical therapists and 5-7 coaches working under him, his team uses TrueCoach to manage their client’s care progression and each one has between 20-75 clients as well.

This scalability for growth allowed Dane to reach more people and make this vision become an effective reality blending physical therapy with sports performance.

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