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[Client] Changing my Workout Schedule
[Client] Changing my Workout Schedule

My coach has assigned workouts on specific days, but what if life gets in the way?

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Currently, on TrueCoach, you can't change the days your workouts are on. But that doesn't mean you HAVE to stick to the schedule your coach provides!

Start off by tapping on your "past" workouts tab. You will be able to view and complete any workouts that are marked as "missed." 🙌  Simply click on the workout, and press begin! 

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Don't want those pesky "missed workout" emails?

Not a problem! 💪 

Login to your TrueCoach client account from any browser, and you will find some email settings when you click into your profile!

Toggle this setting to off/grey, and you will no longer receive an email saying that you have missed a workout! 🎉 

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